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Serrato Farms is a family owned business that has been operating since 1990 in Southern California specializing in exotic foreign fruits originating from many different continents. Involved in farm and ranch management since 1984, Jaime Serrato’s passion for farming began to grow and so did his interest for growing different types of exotic fruits that were not readily available in our country. Serrato Farms began planting two different types of Guavas, Bangkok and Mexican variety which are grown without chemicals and free of any treatments. Several years later his interest for Tejocotes grew and so the planting of this fruit began. There was a big ethnic population in Southern California, so Jaime felt there was a good market to cater to. Jaime’s interest for exotic fruits brought him to plant Kumquats, Buddha Hands, Clementine Mandarins, Gold Nugget Mandarins, Jujube, Meyer Lemon, Sweet Lime, Arrayán and Reed Avocados are amongst his favorites.

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