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Serrato Farms is a family owned business that has been operating since 1990 in Southern California specializing in exotic foreign fruits originating from many different continents. Involved in farm and ranch management since 1984, Jaime Serrato’s passion for farming began to grow and so did his interest for growing different types of exotic fruits that were not readily available in our country. Serrato Farms began planting two different types of Guavas, Bangkok and Mexican variety which are grown without chemicals and free of any treatments. Several years later his interest for Tejocotes grew and so the planting of this fruit began. There was a big ethnic population in Southern California, so Jaime felt there was a good market to cater to. Jaime’s interest for exotic fruits brought him to plant Kumquats, Buddha Hands, Clementine Mandarins, Gold Nugget Mandarins, Jujube, Meyer Lemon, Sweet Lime, Arrayán and Reed Avocados are amongst his favorites.

In 1995, there was yielded the first crop of Guava large enough to sell and promote to the public and not just to the small Farmer Market type buyers that Jaime acquainted in the earlier years. Buyers not familiar with the exotic and fragrant fruit were very leary of buying. So Jaime loaded his truck full of boxes of Guava and drove from Escondido California to Yuma Arizona. He approached markets along the way and left free boxes of his Guava to sample. Most produce buyers told him that they doubted it would sell but kept some boxes to test the product. In most cases he was just leaving their parking lots when there was a demand for more fruit. Much to Jaime’s delight his dream of making his product known was beginning to come true.

Much to Jaime’s delight his dream of making his product known was beginning to come true.

Jaime, along with his son Ricardo under his wing, have been recognized by the California Avocado Commission as one of the families and faces behind the California Avocado campaigns. Appearing in several billboard and magazine advertisements. It is quite an honor for them to be recognized as the faces in farming California Avocados.

Today the Serrato Farms colorful label is being recognized through out the United States. They now have several large distributors in Los Angeles and San Francisco that sell their fruit through out the country. Jaime’s loyalty to the same small buyers who helped promote his fruit remains. He takes great pride in the quality of his crops, and remains extremely involved in every aspect. The demand and recognition of these exotic fruits continues to grow every year.

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Serrato Farms Products

Just a few of our products we can provide

  • Guava
  • Gold Nugget Mandarin
  • Sweet Lime
  • Meyer Lemon
  • Kumquat
  • Buddha Hand Citrus
  • Tejocote
  • Arrayan

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